I’m Lee LeFever, author of two books, co-founder of Common Craft, and the Explainer Academy. 

Most people know me as a producer of animated explainer videos. In fact, we are credited with pioneering the genre in 2007 with our “in Plain English” series of explainers.

Today I continue to produce videos and help others develop the skill of explanation. This includes my book The Art of Explanation, online courses at the Explainer Academy.

Recently I’ve been working on an art installation project called the Solstice Wall.

I live on Orcas Island, which is a small island in the Salish Sea between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. We recently built a home and I now consider myself an aspiring plantsman and landscaper.  I created online courses at Build Livable to help fellow homeowners navigate the construction process.

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Podcast Interviews and Speaking

I love being a guest on podcasts and appearing as a speaker at conferences.

Most of my appearances focus on the skill of explanation and lessons from The Art of Explanation. 

My most recent podcast interviews were in support of my book Big Enough which is about entrepreneurship, unconventional approaches to business, and related subjects.

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All Books by Lee

big enough cover
Big Enough is about entrepreneurship and building a scalable business that makes quality of life a shareholder value.
art of explanation book

The Art of Explanation is a book about learning to communicate with clarity. It’s for professionals and is based on Lee’s work with the world’s most respected brands and his experience as a leading producer of explainer videos.