I’m Lee LeFever, author of two books, co-founder of Common Craft, and someone who cares deeply about quality of life.

My new book is called Big Enough. It’s about building an intentionally small business that supports the life you want to lead. I believe it’s time to rethink traditional versions of business success and focus on saner, healthier approaches.

After 20 years in Seattle, I recently moved to an island off the NW coast of Washington State and often share my experiences of building a house and transitioning to an island lifestyle.

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About Lee and Common Craft

Lee LeFever is the co-founder of Common Craft and author of two books, Big Enough and The Art of Explanation, which has been translated into eight languages.

Since 2007, Common Craft has won numerous awards, created explanations for the world’s most respected brands and created explainer videos that have earned over 50 million online video views.

Today, Common Craft produces educational guides, ready-made videos and visuals that are used by educators in over 50 countries. Lee and his wife, Sachi, are Common Craft’s only employees.  More

Podcast Interviews and Speaking

I love being a guest on podcasts and appearing as a speaker at conferences.

Today, I am scheduling podcasts in support of my book Big Enough. If you or someone you know hosts a podcast related to entrepreneurship, unconventional approaches to business, and related subjects, I’d love to talk.

Learn more about my podcast appearances or contact me.


All Books by Lee

big enough cover
Big Enough is about entrepreneurship and building a scalable business that makes quality of life a shareholder value.
art of explanation book

The Art of Explanation is a book about learning to communicate with clarity. It’s for professionals and is based on Lee’s work with the world’s most respected brands and his experience as a leading producer of explainer videos.