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How Do You Draw a Town?

I like to think about Common Craft cut-outs as symbols rather than realistic interpretations. Symbols are more timeless and flexible. They have personality and style.

Stepping Away from the Bustle

Now that we’ve moved and my life has changed in fundamental ways, I can’t help but see that there is beauty in stepping off the treadmill of city life and professional expectations and reevaluating what success means to me.

Betting on Blurbs

If you pick up just about any modern book, you'll find short quotes from influential people saying nice things about the book and/or author. These are called endorsements or blurbs and they provide a bit of social proof. On the front cover of Jason Fried and DHH's...

The Editorial Calendar

In much of our daily work, things happen on an ad hoc basis and that's how we like it. An example is the release of a new Common Craft video. Since 2007, we've published a new video every month or two. Once a video is published, the clock starts ticking and over the...


I write books and run an intentionally small company called Common Craft. This is where I share what I'm learning and doing.

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