Newsletter #54: Summoning the Gumption

January 29, 2020

By: Lee LeFever

I write books and run an intentionally small company called Common Craft. Here, I share what I'm doing and learning.

Last night I published my newsletter, Ready for Rain, and it kicked off a new direction for readers. Over the past year, I wrote every week about big events in my life and the projects that made them happen. This included leaving Seattle after 20 years, moving to Orcas Island and starting a home construction project. Each week, I focused on some facets of that experience.

In 2020, I am adding a new project to the mix in the form of publishing my book, Big Enough. I plan to share the phases of the process, what I’m learning, and how it feels. You can subscribe here.

Here’s an excerpt from the most recent post:

For Big Enough, I plan to throw myself at the marketing beast. My challenge is to learn how to market a book successfully. If I can develop a marketing strategy that fits with my style, I will have a head start for future books. 

Read Ready for Rain Issue #54: Summoning the Gumption.

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