My Newsletter: Ready for Rain

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Ready for Rain is a personal newsletter. Each week, I share personal stories, and updates on projects in my life. Lately, my focus has been moving to an island off the coast of Washington State, running on web-based business, a house construction project, and a book publishing project.


“Ready for Rain is a compelling, even addictive, account of Lee’s life and projects on an island in the pacific northwest. I haven’t missed a single issue.

– Ron Lichty

“Lee and his clan transport me halfway around the world once a week to experience a lifestyle I can only dream of!”

– Phil Whitehouse, Sydney, Australia

“It’s like having a calm but invigorating afternoon tea break with a friend who is living a life less crazy than my own.”

– Travis F. Smith, Canada

“A fascinating look at a couple tackling multiple projects as they set up a new life on a rural island off the coast of Washington State.”

– Arelene S.

An inspiring look at lifelong learning and the adventure of trying new things.”

– Richard Byrne

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