Build Livable

Are you planning a custom home?

Build Livable helps homeowners navigate home every phase of home construction, from planning to moving in.

Our online courses are built on a decade of experience working with architects and general contractors on three home construction projects. The most recent is a custom home completed in 2021. 

My goal is to help homeowners save time and money by explaining every phase of the construction process with videos, images, downloadable documents, diagrams, and more. 

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Free Mini-Course

The best way to get started with Build Livable is our free mini-course. It Includes:

  • Downloadable checklist documents

  • Lists of questions to ask builders and architects

  • Methods for collecting  & organizing ideas

  • Video that explains livability

The Story Behind Build Livable

Our house on Orcas Island, WA, which we call “Flattop”, was completed over 20 months (2019-2021). Throughout the process, I documented everything I learned via notes, 1000s of photos, and videos.

This experience, combined with what we learned in two previous construction projects, built a solid foundation for helping homeowners understand the construction process.

Build Livable is an online course that helps homeowners save time and money through preparation and planning. With knowledge of the process and a solid plan in place, homeowners can keep projects on time and on budget.

Build Livable is also a perspective that puts the homeowner’s needs and lifestyle front and center. Building a house is always a challenge, but an educated and engaged homeowner can make it livable and ensure that it fits their budget and lifestyle.

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Timelapse of Our Entire Project