What I’m Doing Now

UPDATED August 30, 2020


It is GO TIME. Big Enough launches in three days away and I feeling good. The last week has been busy setting up podcast interviews and getting my website ready for the launch. This means blogging and learning a lot about modern website optimizations, like open graph tags. I’m impressed with WordPress and psyched to have leelefever.com under my full control.

The pre-order campaign has been successful. We’ve sold over 500 books so far and the distributors have placed big orders for the book. I’ve grown more comfortable promoting the book and asking for help. People have been so gracious, especially considering all that’s going on with the pandemic, election, and right now, wildfires.

I finalized three book videos and have published them on the new Lee LeFever YouTube channel. I also have a new Lee LeFever Author Facebook page. These platforms are the beginning of my personal brand on social media.

Sachi and I did some photos on the water that have become my new profile photo and the image I’m using to promote the book. I’m really happy with how it turned out:

Photo of Lee LeFever and Big Enough Book


I am in my second year as a permanent resident of Orcas Island, which is off the coast of Washington State. Last year we sold our house in Seattle after living in the city for over 20 years and moved to Orcas. Today I am feeling fortunate to have sold the house last year and moved when we did.

This time of year we spend a lot of time on the water and fishing for Dungeness crabs. We’ve caught over 80 keepers this season and have eaten and given away all of them.

We are currently building a new house that is over 75% complete. In the last few weeks, plumbing was installed, electrical and plumbing rough-in are finished and the windows are in. Insulation is in and we’ll soon have drywall.

Today we (me, my wife Sachi and our two dogs) live in a 500 square foot guest house over a neighbor’s garage. We hope to move into the new house by the end of 2020.

My newsletter, Ready for Rain, continues to be a fixture in my life. I publish each week and usually the main subject is a personal story from the Lee LeFever.com blog. You can subscribe here.

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