What is the Ready for Rain Newsletter About?

February 17, 2021

By: Lee LeFever

I write books and run a company called Common Craft. I recently moved from Seattle to a rural island. Here, I write about online business, book publishing, modern home construction, and occasionally, dumb jokes.

I struggled with this question for a long time and experimented with a wide variety of subjects. Lately I feel more confident and recently asked subscribers to take a quick survey to find out their perceptions and that they enjoyed, or not. The results are below:

Q: What stories interest you most (choose multiple)?

  • Personal stories/anecdotes (81%)
  • Orcas Island/transition to the island (81%) TIE
  • Relationships (including w Sachi) (63%)
  • Construction Project (56%)
  • Creative Work (50%)
  • Book Publishing (25%)

Q: Thoughts on the recommendations in each issue?

  • 90+% love em
  • 6.3% don’t care
  • 3.1% meh

Q: What should I optimize (choose one)?

  • Stories (47%)
  • Photos (23%)
  • Recommendations (7%)

The results aren’t surprising. Though, I realize that for the last year I’ve been writing a lot about Big Enough and our house project, and they are not the most popular subjects. Thankfully those projects are mostly done and I’ll be ready to share more variety.


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