Podcast Interview: Creative Warriors with Jeffrey Shaw

August 17, 2020

By: Lee LeFever

I write books and run a company called Common Craft. I recently moved from Seattle to a rural island. Here, I write about online business, book publishing, modern home construction, and occasionally, dumb jokes.

Listen to the Podcast Episode

Jeffrey Shaw of the Creative Warriors podcast is an amazing host. Before the episode, he sent over a document that provided his tips for preparing for the interview. It was helpful to know some of the questions to expect and to prepare my messaging. This isn’t a surprise, this kind of coaching is his thing.

These are the highlights from our talk, as listed by Jeffrey:

  • Choice is power.
  • The “good life” can come with being rich in ways other than money. 
  • If you’re going to have a business that’s ‘big enough’ you have to come to terms with the money that is just enough as well. 
  • Having your financial house in order gives you the power to choose what size business is enough. 
  • Gamifying your spending and saving can help put it in perspective. 
  • Studies show that making around $80K/year is where most feel satisfied with their lives whereas making over $200K/year often provides less satisfaction. 
  • Deciding on constraints up front can drive you to end with the business you truly want.
  • Having a Lifestyle business doesn’t mean it’s not scalable. 
  • Self-employment brings more personal development than you might expect.

Learn more about Big Enough and me as a podcast guest.


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