Female Rufous Hummingbird (I Think)

Since moving to Orcas, hummingbirds have become part of everyday life. Our neighbors all have flowers and feeders, so they buzz around like they own the place. I’ve never seen them so curious. They will come right up to your face and seem to look you in the eye. The close-proximity sound of their wings almost seems mechanical, like something from Black Mirror.

I’ve always wanted to get a photo but they move too quickly. That’s why I was a bit delighted to find one at our construction site. When I walked in, I heard a buzzing sound from our guest room, which currently has windows but no walls. The hummingbird, perhaps for the first time in its life, was battling a pane of glass that wouldn’t budge. After taking a couple of photos, I cupped it in my hand a released it back into the wild.

Maybe the next time one looks me in the eye, I’ll know why.