Pre-Order the Big Enough eBook

Pre-Order the Big Enough eBook

I’ve always planned for Big Enough to be available in all formats but didn’t realize how important ebooks and audiobooks would be in the COVID-19 era. The pandemic is changing the book market as people are staying home and looking for digital alternatives. 

Last week, the Big Enough ebook appeared on all the major book websites. The ebook can be pre-ordered and will be available on September 15th. Find purchase options

It’s not surprising that the pandemic is helping ebook and audiobook sales:

Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy said that ebook sales were up 13% in the quarter, and sales are now running as much as 50% over the same time last year. Meanwhile print sales began to soften at the end of March and took a major hit in April, Reidy said, as most bookstores across the country had closed by that point.

And people who use digital alternatives to read more books per year

The National Endowment for the Arts issued a new report and found that adults who read ebooks and listen to audiobooks consumed the most books per year: a median of 10 compared to four for print-only readers. Print reading, though, is ceding to e-book reading and audiobook listening. In the survey, 44.5% of adults said they read or listened to books in digital formats and just 25.1% of adults stating that read print books alone. 

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